Morning Light Session

Today began with the first clear skies in a long time. Strange warm light crept through trees onto oceans and rendered distant clouds gold. I just had to drop the studio painting grab my plien air knap-sack and get out to the back bluff to see what I could see. Island features that were hidden for sometime in foul weather now appear in the clear early morning winter light. Attached are some shots off the bluff as it appeared aroundRead more

Honest Time of Year

Great little paint in the wilds of the mid Island last night, or I should say afternoon. ( light fails by four!) It’s that time of year when the clouds and land mingle and the mood is powerful if not haunting. It is still mild but I can feel the temps drop along with the light. I believe this is the perfect time for outside location work. If anything it feels real good and honest when you get back toRead more

‘Life On An Island’ Avenue Gallery, Nov. 2012

‘Below the Falls’ Myra Falls Strathcona Provincial Park, August 2012. 24 X 30 in oil on canvas. ‘Endless Days’ Rathtrevor Beach, Parksville, 36 X 48 in. oil on canvas. ‘Sandstone Walls’ Susha Island, San Jauns. 30 X 40 in. oil on canvas. ‘Marine Front Long Beach’ 12 X 16 in. oil on prepared board. ‘Stack’ Broken Islands, west coast of Vancouver Island. 12 X 16 in. oil on prepared board. plein air study ‘Arbutus on Cliff’ Nanoose Bay BC 9Read more

Show Opening Saturday

Thank you to all the supporters that made it to the opening. The attendance was impressive and some long lost friends and colleagues made a point to come. It was a real surprise and pleasure to catch up with them again. My son, daughter and her partner made a surprise appearance! Victoria was at it’s best with shiny bright skies and ultramarine seas; a day that inspires good will and outdoor adventure for a west coaster. It was a perfectRead more

Demo at Qualicum Bay Art Expo 2012

I spent Sunday morning in Qualicum Bay at the Lighthouse Centre Art Expo demonstrating my painting process. I brought some studies to work from that I made on a trip to Alert Bay. An oil portrait study of 80 year old Al West (chief of the Namgis) and a watercolor study of Al in his shop / studio. He is the arguably the last of a breed of mask and dugout canoe carvers. The demo painting was done on aRead more

Is It in the Water?

The other night I had my Calgary neighbors over. There must be something in the water as prairie people are pretty cool. My neighbors are no exception. They are full of good humour, grounded and interesting. I am lucky. One of them is an absolute enthusiast for drawing and talented. She drags me out to Friday morning life drawing session when she’s in town. My other neighbor is accomplished in watercolor and was lucky enough to be taught by RobertRead more

Lynch Workshop Weekend

I held a successful workshop this weekend. It is always a pleasure to work with four or five good painters that are willing to follow an exercise and experience a break through. I cannot think of a better way to spend a cold and wet weekend than painting with like minded people. The theme was to examine the integration of the figure in a landscape, interior architecture etc. It was an interesting study for myself and hopefully the participants. WeRead more

Plein Air at the Neighbours

It never ceases to amaze me….the beauty of Nanoose Bay. I was visiting a neighbour the other day in Beachcomber and just had to break open the paint. The places people live in is the stuff of paradise. The home on two acres, sat on a proud view bluff in Dorset Point. ( arguably one the finest spots in BC ) The evening presented one of those fine clear indian-summer sunsets that makes you drop what you’re doing and liftRead more

Plein Air in Alert Bay

I was up in the Port McNiel area a few weeks ago and visited Alert Bay on Cormorant Island. For kayakers it is a dreamscape. Islands are a short paddle apart and feature zen gardens with friendly beaches. I was taken back at the beauty of the area. I would like to offer a plein air workshop up there in the future. Through a friend of mine I met the hereditary chief of the Namgis people, Al West. He isRead more