The FCA Whistler Workshop 2013

A ‘welcome song’ sung by a lovely first nation young woman drum in hand opened the final evening workshop banquet. We were served a fine salmon dinner in the Lil’wat Cultural Centre; an architect’s contemporary vision of a traditional pit house….beautiful. I reflected back on the last 6 days during a solo performance from fellow artist Dennis Weber;  a lonely but beautiful flute lament. I looked around the room and could see that nobody really wanted to go home. I know I didn’t. Home where the day to day problems await.

You see, eighty plus artist had a week where we could meditate and discuss the problems of picture making. In what world can a human being do that?!  In this world, at this time the Gods were very good to us. Late that night while my head hit pillow, snow began to rap around the top of Whistler where we were painting hours before, the beginning of winter.  She comes early in the mountains. Yes, the workshop had dodged a bullet. I had had a few drinks so I could only manage to raise my eyes up toward the ceiling and a blink with respect and thanks.

The format was effective and well organized.  Four groups of 15 rotated every day through the four instructors including myself, Michael Workman, Camille Przewodek and Michael Reardon. Everyday became an opportunity to refine and promote
the fundamentals of field studies and plein air: my pet propaganda. The locations varied so there was plenty of possibility and stimulus. Days went quickly as participants kicked out paintings and the evenings full of food and drink, presentations and demos.
The students were generous of spirit and energetic which makes an instructors job fun. Whistler makes a very powerful place to operate a plein air /art workshop.
The region is full of pure natural beauty and varying subject matter from old barns and farmland in Pemberton to majestic peaks on the top of Whistler and Blackcomb.  It was over all too quickly. I’ll be looking forward to next year at Whistler as an accompanying SFCA.

Brent Lynch instructing on Green Lake, Whistler BC


Michael Workman instructing on the top of Whistler Mountain.


Brent Lynch weathering alpine winds demo.


Morning on the mountain looking out over Singing Pass.


Green Lake Demo



A few weeks before Terry and I on the alpine fields over Flute, Whistler Mountain.


Michael Reardon demo in Whistler town center.


Workshopper lay it down in Whistler town square.


SFCA enjoys a big evening on Whistler.





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