New Works

Artwork recently off the easel: paintings created for galleries, exhibitions and private commissions. Although some have recently sold most are available. Galleries are featured below each image; information is listed on the ‘Representatives’ section on the website menu.       Please follow and like us:Read more

En Plein Air, Field Studies

In the tradition of ‘en plein air’ painting Lynch’s work begins with sketches and oil studies executed outdoors on location. He shares the landscape. Brent attempts to capture the direct experience with liberal paint application, dramatic brushstrokes and powerful compositions. “I never signed up to be a studio all day. Field painting has always captivated me for image making – there’s nothing like the real thing.”   Please follow and like us:Read more

Figure and Life Study

“As a human being we all share the experience of travelling through this world in a space-suit we call our body. With this fundamental fact in mind there is an experience in the study of the human form that takes me on a serendipitous and intimate journey.” “From the beginning of my art education I gravitated to life drawing. Direct study of the world around me followed an investigation of the human form for it’s own sake. Along the way I developed my craft as a picture maker. TheRead more

Commissions and Murals

1990-2015 Lynch executed many commissions including murals and large painting installations. He collaborated and worked with design and architectural firms, public institutions, corporations and private collectors.   Please follow and like us:Read more

Art History

1978-1995 Brent has been a force in various disciplines of the arts. In the early years Lynch was recognized as one of Canada’s top illustrators creating art for regional, national and international dance, theatre, music and sports. His award-winning illustrative artwork were published in prominent magazines, newspapers, books publishers and record covers. He has produced a number of murals for both private and public venues commissioned by international corporations, governments and institutions. Clients world-wide commissioned the young artist to celebrate and interpret theirRead more