‘Artist In Residence’ Banff 2022

For many years Mountain Galleries and The Banff Springs Hotel host myself to paint, demonstrate and talk about my art to guest and visitors as part of their ‘Artist In Residence’ program. This October’s weather was the very best. It was a great pleasure to be in the Rockies with warm clear days and starry evenings….a ‘plein air’ painter’s dream. Beautiful days made it difficult to stay inside but early every morning and evening I got out and laid down some paint. With a small studioRead more

‘Passages’ an Exhibition of New Works

The Avenue Gallery, Oak Bay, Victoria, BC Canada – October 21st – November 1st 2021. This pandemic kept me close to home. For the last few summers the boat was my escape vehicle. Travelling by boat was all about deciphering passages. These paintings were inspired on these trips. The sea and surrounding land heads speak. Space, depth, distance and warnings are their language. The read and the approach is important. You got to love the primordial sea as an ancient metaphor. Meaning:  Passages; the actRead more

South Winchelsea Island, April 2020

Week 4 or 5 of covid-19 lockdown and finally got out on the water. South Winchelsea is a handsome little island just off our shores. (5 minute boat ride from the marina) It is the home of a large sea lion rocque. Though they operate like overgrown dogs, playful and curious, they do not know their own strength and therefore a little dangerous. They also can be brutal art critics. Sea lions bark, growl and spit when they don’t like your work; maybe it was me?. TheyRead more

Bamfield ‘En Plein Air’ Retreat

September 2019 – FCA Bamfield ‘En Plein Air’ Workshop Retreat, was a fine week with clear skies in one of God’s most beautiful corners of the world. We got lucky. Bamfield, at the entrance to Barkley Sound, on the far western edge of the world, is known for thick marine fronts and rough weather delivered straight off the open Pacific. The landscape is ultra west coast dramatic, timeless and mysterious. A plein air painter’s dream if I ever did see one. The event couldn’t be betterRead more

‘Signs’ Mountain Galleries, Whistler 2019

  Mountain Galleries Chateau Fairmont. Whistler BC. Canada,  March 16 . 17. 18 . 2019. An exhibition of new works ‘Signs’. I suppose I’m always looking for signs one way or the other. A landscape painting is not just a recording but should be much more. Nature calls to us endlessly. The natural environment that supplies us with our next breath is a powerful reminder of our place in this universe. The idea of the physical world as a reflection of the ‘unseen’ or ‘spirit’ is asRead more

‘Under the Big Sky’ New Work Exhibition

The Avenue Gallery, Victoria BC. Canada – October 11 -22, 2019 Reception 1-3 pm. Saturday the 13th ‘Under the Big Sky’ a series of sky-scape paintings that took me on a trip into my past with the assistance of my favourite song writers and poets. The series became a homage to the literary artists that had an impact on me in my formative years. I found myself humming and even singing songs while out painting under the big sky ( this offering are all plein air studies done off the back ofRead more

‘Exterior Paint’ TOSH Art Gallery

Exterior Paint  August 8th – September 4th, 2018 The TOSH Art Gallery in Qualicum Vancouver Island, BC is hosting an exhibition of my ‘en plein air’ work created over the last few years. There will be some large studio canvas on display as shown below. The landscapes studies were painted on location from southern Vancouver Island to Cape Scott plus a few Rocky Mountain studies. Exterior Paint, – Most of the paintings in this exhibition were painted on location. TheRead more

‘En Plein Air, Mexico’ Talk and Demo

March, 2018 ‘Ida Victoria Gallery’ in San Jose del Cabo, BCS Mexico. Thank you to Ida Gustavson and company for their talent and efforts hosting the presentation evening. A solo show, talk, demo, wine and appetizers along with a generous audience made it so much fun! I shared the importance of ‘direct painting from life’ and how it is the foundation of my work. I love the outdoors. The studio has it’s place but any opportunity to get out, I’ll take it. TheRead more

Spain, Italy and Greece, November 2017

November 2017: Late autumn is a great time to go to Europe. Nancy and I wanted to haunt art galleries, museums and historical sites so the fall means little or no line ups. It also means closer weather for touring.  After a short stay in London we flew down to Madrid. A few days in the stunning and beautiful ol’spanish capital did not disappoint, although, one of my all time favourite cities is Granada and we spent some time there. A Morrish stronghold until the 14thRead more

San Josef Bay and Cape Scott, Summer 2017

Brent Lynch – San Josef Bay, Cape Scott, Vancouver Island, BC Canada. My son, Kyle  ( film and photographer ) and I spent four days hiking, painting and shooting in this exotic corner of the world! The trip was not without it’s drama. The night before we arrived there was torrential rainfall washing out the only road into Cape Scott. We elected to forge through anyways. Thank God the weather cleared in this famously wet but very beautiful northernly tip of Vancouver Island. WeRead more

Portrait of hereditary chief Al West, Alert Bay

I’ve had the pleasure to paint Al West’s portrait years before. He isn’t getting any younger, now 83 years old.  Al can’t hear well but he still tells a mean story and is a Namgis treasure. I met him years ago through friend Terry Shepherd who’s sister in law is Al’s niece, Lorelei Lauten. Terry mentioned Alert Bay in glowing terms once too often and so I finally made the trip. Alert Bay has been a favourite place to visit ever since. ThisRead more

Summer Solstice Evening 2017

June 22, 2017 ( 9:36 pm ) – Last night, my son Kyle and I, kayaked out to Gerald Island in the Ballenas Group just in front of my place. We spent the evening shooting and painting with a celebratory beer break witnessing the end of the longest day of the year. These extraordinary islands host strange flora and fauna including cactus! (checkout photos below) The west coast in summer is exotic. We are lucky to live in God’s country. ARead more