20th annual ‘Painters at Painters’ 2014

It was hard to believe a year had come and gone as I walked into Painters lobby and met artists I hadn’t seen or spoken with since. I’ve been involved for two years and already the P@P gig is a marker for me. That’s the power of this unique event. I am always re-energized after spending time with this powerful group of creative people. Back in the studio once again I reflect on the good crack (conversation) and exchange of ideas that took place over the weekend. The visitors and spectators were very generous of spirit. They love the arts too.

I had the pleasure to participate in a live model demo and a panel discussion of our process with Catherine Moffat, David Goatley and ¬†Nicholas Pearce. Karen, the model, braved the hundred or so spectators and so made it possible to create a decent painting in the 3 hour session. ¬†As I mentioned the following day we held a lively panel talk about our painting process and everything else under the sun including our take on Picasso!; perhaps our efforts reminded some of a four eye ball, three breasted portrait from the old spanish master ….much ground was covered.

Below are some pics of the event. I made a quick study followed by a more formal larger study as shown below ( this was one of many artistic events that took place over the weekend)….


P@P figure session


demo 1


P@P fig painting demo

Fig 2


2nd painting1

2nd painting 2


P@P Karen copy


Jen, Neil

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