A Dark Night

I just arrived home to the snow. I was away in Los Cabo delivering some paintings
for the up and coming tourist season. I justify the trip because of the current high cost of shipping art as it can be as much as an airline ticket. It isn’t true of course but courier cost are high enough for the excuse to work for me.
I had a mini-show at the Ida Victoria Gallery last Thursday night but it was the only day
in Mexico that God, the Sun and the Holy Ghost headed for the coast. When it rains in the tropics it is a deluge and right on time like a freight train from hell, the sky opened flooding streets and marooning resorts. The gallery roof gave in to the madness and sprung a leak.
Ida and her staff went into damage control taking down threatened artwork. Thank God my show was hung in an area of the gallery that held off the assault. There were about twenty brave people that made it on that dark and stormy night.
Cabo residence do not do rain so the fact that anybody showed impressed me.
They were the hardy ‘art lovers-outbound desert dwellers’ of San Jose Del Cabo. The adventurous residence that live far beyond the paved roads of town. Folks that forge river beds and brave mountain passes for a quart of milk. They are amazing and they would be comfortable in the back country of BC. They arm themselves with real 4X4s and an independent spirit for a reason….they are my tribe.
As a visitor like myself who sees Cabo as a lovely gentle paradise, she can sure turn. The reason I tell this tale is simple. You’d think that a night like Thursday would be a bust, but no. I actually sold a few paintings. You just never know in this silly business
how, who and when art sells. I do get a kick out of it still. The only thing that freaks me out more than a tropical rain storm is coming home to snow…..now if I could only translate that into sales.

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