‘Artist In Residence’ Banff 2022

For many years in late fall, Mountain Galleries and The Banff Springs Hotel hosts me in Banff to paint, meet, talk and demonstrate my art to guest and visitors. This October was the very best. It was a great pleasure to be in the Rockies with warm days and starry evenings….a ‘plein air’ painter’s dream if I ever did see one. Beautiful days made it difficult to stay inside but early every morning and evening I got out and laid some paint down. With a small studio space adjacent to Mountain Galleries front door I had easy access to the great outdoors. Many thanks to the visitors that dropped by and friends that payed a visit during my stay. I appreciate the opportunity MG and TBH gives me and other artists to spend time in the Mythic Rockies and the support and contribution they give to Canadian art.

Banff Stusio 2 Brent Studio Banff MG Windows 22 Maligne Sunrise 1


Table plein air Stack Gallery Spirit in Gallery Parker's Ridge study 9 X 12 Parkeers Ridge O'Hara Gallery Last of the Athabasca Walls 12 X 12 Highway 22 - 12 X 12 Hi-way 22 plein air Gallery 1 Foot of Robson 12 X 12 Brent Studio Banff Brent hi-way 22 Bow River Falls 9 X 12 Bow Lake Plein air Bee Hive gallery Banff Springs

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