‘Myra Falls’ Strathcona Park, BC Canada

Knowing that I love rocks and water, a repeating subject of my work, a friend of mine mentioned a series of falls in Strathcona Provincial Park. We finally made our way up there last summer and I was not disappointed. Myra Falls is arguably the most magical landscape on the island; a bold statement to make on the island of magical landscapes. The Pocahontas falls undulate down three or four levels into Buttle Lake. They are a short walk in from the main road on a well maintain trail. You can also walk up from the lake if you were to kayak or canoe over.  A great area for plein air painting and relatively safe with many points of view; all very civilized for such a natural setting. Below is the 15 min. field sketch ( one of four I made on location) that became the inspiration for the final 36 by 60 in oil on canvas.


spent the day in paradise….


12 X 16 in oil on prepared board field sketch – one of four made on location.


36 X 60 in. oil on canvas – ‘Myra Falls’





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