Plein Air at Lake O’Hara 2015

Lake OHara, Yoho National Park is a magnificent place. Every day was an immersion, an extraordinary adventure, both physically and visually. Senses intensify as you enter the alpine above the tree lines knowing you won’t get back anytime soon. The window of time to paint goes quick as you must begin the long trek back to base camp at Lake O’Hara before sundown. In the evenings we sat on the shores of the lake watching a late summer light show – the ever changing curtain of light on rock theatre. Charlie Easton, his wife Lisa, Liz Wiltzen and myself spent a few days up in the land of the mountain king in mid August.

This place is so powerful that to capture it is delusion. The spirit of the experience is all one could hope to express. I loved it up there where egos are in check and humility reigns supreme….unless you’re truly thick. Below are some pics of the trip. Also check out this youtube video Charlie put together of the trip, enjoy:

Brent Yukness highBrent on the ‘Yukness’ trail above Lake Oesa.

study two of lake Oesa Walls  8 X 10 in. oil on panel
Brent oesa
Brent on shores of lake Oesa painting.
Brent psinting LaFroyEvenings on the shore of Lake O’Hara
study of Lake O’Hara in the evening  12 X 9 in. oil on panel.
Charlie painting1
Charlie Easton on Lake O’Hara painting Cathedral
Brent Scree
Brent on the Yukness trail above Oesa heading to camp.
Liz O'Hara
Liz Wiltzen beginning a study on the shores of Lake O’Hara.
Falls study
plein air paint kit in foreground at a beautiful little falls before Lake Oesa.
study of small box falls on the way to Oesa. 10 X 8 in. oil on panel
Brent Yukness 1
Giant Monoliths in the alpine above Lake O’Hara.
study of approach to Lake McArthur.  10 X 8 in. oil on panel
study of mountain range behind Lake O’Hara 10 X 8 in. oil on panel
study of the shallows of Lake Louise done the day after the trip to Lake O’Hara. 8 X 10 in. oil on panel
Cathedral from O'Hara
study of Cathedral from Lake O’Hara 10 X 8 in. oil on panel.
Charlie Yukness
Charlie way above Lake O’Hara, one of the warm days weather wise.
Liz Charlie theatre 2
Liz and Charlie painting behind a natural wind break.
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