Plein Air at the Neighbours

It never ceases to amaze me….the beauty of Nanoose Bay. I was visiting a

neighbour the other day in Beachcomber and just had to break open the paint.

The places people live in is the stuff of paradise. The home on two acres,

sat on a proud view bluff in Dorset Point. ( arguably one the finest spots in BC )

The evening presented one of those fine clear indian-summer sunsets

that makes you drop what you’re doing and lift your eyes.

There were eagles soaring, seals slapping and salmon dancing…

a symphony that is particular to the west coast.  In moments

like these painters either break open the scotch and call it a day, or actually paint.

I behaved and pursued the latter.  I focused on an ancient arbutus

tree leaning out over a cliff keeping watch over the surf crashing below.

Attached is a document of this madness – 20 minute oil sketch

( 11 X 14 in. on prepared board )

and a photos of my vantage point.


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