Show and Tell Exhibition in Cabo, Mexico

The Ida Art Victoria Gallery, March 19th 2014: The gallery held a Brent Lynch solo show along with a visual presentation of my work the other night. The attendance enjoyed some appetisers, wine and good conversation before we began the presentation of my artistic exploits and history. I spoke of my relationship with Cabo that dates back to the early 80’s. I first discovered the Baja on a surf and windsurf trip in 1979 and fell for its austere beauty and pure southern light. Below are a few pics and paintings featured that evening.

Ida night1




ida night 3

Madre final 1

‘Madre’ a  history of the Baja – 36 X 48 in. oil on canvas

Madre final detail1

Detail of Madre, upper left corner of canvas

Madre final detail3

Madre, detail of lower right corner


Dog, Door and Woman 16X20 ‘

‘Dog and Woman in Door’   18 X 24 in. oil on prepared baord


‘Mother and Child’  18 X 24 in. oil on prepared board

Evening Updrafts

‘Updraft’  18 X 24 in. oil on prepared board


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