Portrait of hereditary chief Al West, Alert Bay

I’ve had the pleasure to paint Al West’s portrait years before. He isn’t getting any younger, now 83 years old.  Al can’t hear well but he still tells a mean story and is a Namgis treasure. I met him years ago through friend Terry Shepherd who’s sister in law is Al’s niece, Lauroli Walters. She mentioned Alert Bay in glowing terms once too often and so I finally made the trip. When I’m in the north island I always try to visit. This time my son Kyle and I were on our way to Cape Scott. Alert Bay is the home of the great late Kwakwaka’wakw artist, Beau Dick. It is one of the  most impressive village; I highly recommend a visit!

Burial G 3

Al and Me Al & Me 2 Al

Al West Dresseagle 3 totems Brent paint totems Burial G paint shed boat Alert Bay totem detail totems 2

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