San Josef Bay and Cape Scott, Summer 2017

Brent Lynch – San Josef Bay, Cape Scott, Vancouver Island, BC Canada. My son, Kyle  ( film and photographer ) and I spent four days hiking, painting and shooting in this exotic corner of the world! The trip was not without it’s drama. The night before we arrived there was torrential rainfall washing out the only road into Cape Scott. We elected to forge through anyways. Thank God the weather cleared in this famously wet but very beautiful northernly tip of Vancouver Island. We got lucky. Below is a short video and shots taken along the way. Instagram: @painterlynch


road wash out

car in flooded roadparking lot



Brent tent

start Stacks

morning Brent paint

Brent ariel

Brent 2 stack

painting & stack


Brent Trial

rainforest trail

areal Brent paint

Brent on SJ Beach







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