‘Coastal Inspirations’ Avenue Gallery

October 1-15th,  2015  The Avenue Gallery in Oak Bay Victoria, BC is hosting an exhibition featuring landscapes from the west coast. I am one of the several artists and will have 7 new pieces in the exhibition. If you’re in the area please drop by to see paintings of the mid island and where I live.

 'Stack' Broken Islands 48 X 60 in. oil on canvas, Mountain Galleries, Whistler.-SOLD copyright Brent Lynch
‘Stack’ Broken Islands 48 X 60 in. oil on canvas

Raven-on-Glass‘Raven on Glass’, Ucluelet  36 X 48 in. oil on canvas


Brent in Ring

Zen-Island-SaltspringZen Island, Saltsprings Island ( field study)  Demo at workshop,  12 X 16 in.  oil on prepared board

zen saltsparings


Trickster ‘Trickster’  oil on canvas  24 X 48 in.  story….  http://brentlynch.net/?s=Trickster

Twisted-Fir‘Twisted Fir’  oil on canvas 20 X 30 in.


Quadra Hulk‘Hulk’ Quadra Island (field study) 18 X 24 in. oil on prepared board

Hulk field study



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