Art History

1978-1995 Brent has produced an extensive body of work in various disciplines of the arts. In the early years Lynch was recognized as one of Canada’s top illustrators creating art for regional, national and international dance, theatre, music and sports. His award-winning illustrative artwork were published in prominent magazines, newspapers, books publishers and record covers. He has produced a number of murals for both private and public venues commissioned by international corporations, governments and institutions. Clients world-wide commissioned the young artist to celebrate and interpret their special events. He worked with humanitarian organizations such as the Red Cross, Save the Children Fund and Unicef to name a few.  The Performing Arts hired Brent to produce posters for Drama, Dance and Music events. His original paintings were auctioned off as fund-raisers in many instances. Brent’s background in life drawing, figurative painting and athletics lent his creative skills to sports events, both professional and amateur, as well.  Below are some samples representing the body of work that were produced in those first 15 years as an illustrator / artist in the applied arts.

By 1995 Brent began to focusing on his own painting. His children were entering high school and the inherent financial demands of a young family were not as great. He accepted many commissions including murals and painting installations for institutions, public buildings and private collections. As an illustrator he was recognized as a powerful landscape and figurative painter, using mood, light, composition and movement to convey his experiences and so it was in the fine arts. He works in a range of mediums including watercolor, gouache, oils and French chalk. His dynamic use of color and brushstrokes along with his unique and daring compositional style are trademarks of his work. These artistic characteristics attract students to his workshops which are always an experience. He participates in numerous gallery solo and groups exhibitions nationally and abroad. He has won prestigious competitions in the arts and is a SFCA member in the Canadian Federation of Artists.

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