Edith Cavell, Jasper National Park, August

‘Jasper is no ordinary place. Everything is bigger than life including my gallery owner, Wendy Wacko. I had the pleasure of painting with her one beautiful Jasper afternoon.  She just returned from a four day kayak trip in storm force wind and rain navigating into the back recesses of Maligne Lake. Most people would have passed on the invite to go plein air painting up in Edith Cavell, but not Wendy.  We hiked up a formidable moraine spine, ladened with our packs full of easels and paint, settling well above the lake looking across to the famous ‘Angel Glacier’. Below is some of the pics and studies that came out of it including the rest of a week of plein air painting in Jasper,

Wendy Wacko, Edith Cavel

Wendy Wacko, Mountain Galleries owner and artist.


Beginning of a study looking down on glacier lake at the foot of Edith Cavell; finish painting below….



Field study of ‘Angel Glacier’, finished work below….


‘Angel Glacier’ 16 X 20 in. oil on prepared board.


‘Giants on Ridge’ rock and scree on a bottom ridge heading toward Babel at Moraine Lake, Banff National Park. oil on prepared board 18 X 24 in.


Wendy and me on a moraine looking out toward Edith Cavell..


‘Rock Face’ Edith Cavell east saddle. oil on prepared board 12 X 16 in.


‘Above Lake O’Hara’ Yukness trail, Yoho National Park.  18 X 24 in. oil on prepared board.


Resting on rock heading up Edith Cavell moraine.


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