‘Trees of Hope’ Fairmont Hotel, Whistler

I had a wonderful weekend with 10 Mountain Gallery artists at the Fairmont Whistler’s ‘Trees of Hope’ foundation event 2016.The proceeds of the sale of these 10 beautiful paintings goes to ‘Canuck Place Children’s Hospice’ ‘ The artists were given a subject matter ‘Joy’.

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice first opened its doors in November 1995, to become North America’s first free-standing children’s hospice. We responded to the need for a hospice created specifically for children. The illness and death of a child is a life-altering experience for the families who love them.

Auction URL: http://www.32auctions.com/WhistlerTreesofHope2016.

We painted our pictures Saturday between 10 am through 3 pm (although many of us came back Sunday morning for an hour or so to finish) They will be available for bids shortly on the ‘Tree of Hope’ website. Contributing artists’ Linda Wilder, Randy Hayashi, Gail Johnson, Charlie Easton, Shannon Ford, Wendy Wacko, Karel Doruyter, Doria Moodie, Andrea Moore and myself.


Entitled ‘Joy’ 24 in by 36 in. oil on canvas. I wanted to say that “no matter what these children are going through (hospital robe and toque) they are still kids” ( wonder of a first snow ).

please visit auction: www.32auctions.com/WhistlerTreesofHope2016.


Linda Wilder laying it down.


Charlie Easton moving fast….we only had a four hours to complete these works and in public.


Dinner at Fairmont’s ‘Wildflower Restaurant’


Group shot of artists and hosts; Sharon Smith, Brent Lynch, Shannon Ford, Doria Moodie, Andrea Moore, Charlie Easton, Gail Johnson, Gail Johnson, Karen Doruyter, Randy Hayashi, Linda Wilder, Wendy Wacko, Liz Peacock.


Doria Moodie and Andrea Moore literally screaming through their paintings…


Mountain Gallery Reception


Gail Johnson’s beautiful poppy flower painting…4 hours.



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