Painters @ Painters 2013

Every May long weekend for the last 19 years prominent artists have gathered together at Painters Lodge. To become one of the members there is a process where you must apply and then be ‘voted in’ by the core group. There are unfortunately, member artists that have passed on in the last 20 years and they are the ‘who’s who in the zoo’ of BC art. Each year a new artist is chosen to balance the attrition. One way or the other it is an honour to be selected. I was impressed with the sense of community and family that has developed over the years with these artists. ( not usually the case with powerful creative creatures in one room) Though I was a new comer they made me feel welcomed as if I had always been an original member.

This year there was a bitter sweet atmosphere as the founder of Painters @ Painters and one of BC business leaders had passed on. He was the stuff of mythology listening to all the stories and tributes to and about him. All I know is that he was out of the ordinary to dream up something as powerful as this event. Bob Wright had to be an extraordinary man. (story below)

Here are some pics of Lynch demos and presentations during and around the two day event. I am already looking forward to next year!



veteran member, David Goatley introducing new guy…

Introducing my work and career history to the participants…



Beginning of a demo ‘Field Study to Studio’ an illustration of how I take a small field sketch to a larger studio canvas.


Painters Lodge, Campbell River BC, Canada

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