Saturna & Quadra, July 2013

Saturna and Quadra Painting trip; Campers and Kayaks 2013. I was out in the wilds of the most gentle islands in the world for the last few weeks. The weather was clear and fine the landscapes, psychedelic. My friend Terry dragged me to the island kicking and screaming but then….Saturna is a mystical place. Great walls of sandstone guard the ragged shores crowned with ‘Hanging Gardens of Babylon’ cedars and exotic arby trees. The ultimate vehicle to enter this world is the kayak: with little draft and the ability to buck any tide one can get in and out of the most jealous reefs and huddle close to the Henry Moore stone sculpture symposium shores. I painted from many vantage points and into the late evening’s endless summer sunsets. Quadra island trip followed close on Saturna’s heels. It was the essential plein air camper painting trip in that there was a restaurant / pub within a hundred yards. This could have complicated things as the evenings played out but Bill, Carey and I managed to get up early and put brush to canvas producing more work than would be expected. Quadra beaches are the graveyard of drift wood and giant glacial boulders. Relentless tides stack logs high in gold, sienna and bone. The shores anchor massive boulders deposited long ago by the ultimate artist appear as ancient monoliths. I am painting in the land of dreams on the west coast.















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