‘Signs’ Mountain Galleries, Whistler 2019


Mountain Galleries Chateau Fairmont. Whistler BC. Canada,  March 8 . 9 . 10 . 2019.

An exhibition of new works ‘Signs’. I suppose I’m always looking for signs one way or the other. A landscape painting is not just a recording but should be much more. Nature calls to us endlessly. Our natural environment is a powerful reminder of our place in this universe. The idea of the physical world as a reflection of the ‘unseen’ or ‘spirit’ is as old as the hills and a sentiment that rings true with me. I love being outside but there’s more to it. As for myself, through the drama of land and light…’signs’, I imagine we are being directed into a greater reality.

August Moon Overlord promoAugust Moon Overlord  48 X 60 in. oil on canvas Illuminated Stack Illuminated Stack 36 X 48 in. oil on canvas Storm Ring Garibaldi

Storm Ring Garibaldi 48 X 36 in. oil on canvas

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