Bamfield ‘En Plein Air’ Retreat

September 2019 – FCA Bamfield ‘En Plein Air’ Workshop Retreat,

was a fine week with clear skies in one of God’s most beautiful corners of the world. We got lucky. Bamfield, at the entrance to Barkley Sound, on the far western edge of the world, is known for thick marine fronts and rough weather delivered straight off the open Pacific. The landscape is ultra west coast dramatic, timeless and mysterious. A plein air painter’s dream if I ever did see one. The event couldn’t be better organized. Everything you would need was at hand including boats, buses, Marine Science staff, meals and accommodation leaving everyone to focus on painting in the great outdoors. The evenings were fun and interesting with get togethers, short presentations and a final evening art show displaying the participant’s artwork. There are many to thank but special appreciation to FCA’s Patrick Meyer, Helen Duckworth and Katrin Sarstedt who made it all happen.paintathopn brentbig Dave 2 Pavillion frontopening night 2 red netshed show nightBrent teachSteph Frannys kitchen Charlie student beach painters charlie boat 71075185_10156524949661218_4952034542815805440_o 70842721_10156429557797623_7880664053515812864_o  70628158_10156524948376218_1372500075527274496_o Down time70585192_10156524948326218_5601387233799045120_o  70167121_10156524948721218_7928753977695404032_o 69933518_10156524950236218_7339558252222349312_o 69846904_10156524950606218_3534920700659761152_n70825315_10156278498660940_5226429661075996672_n

opening night


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