South Winchelsea Island, April 2020

Week 4 or 5 of covid-19 lockdown and finally got out on the water. South Winchelsea is a handsome little island just off our shores. (5 minute boat ride from the marina) It is the home of a large sea lion rocque. Though they operate like overgrown dogs, playful and curious, they do not know their own strength and therefore a little dangerous. They also can be brutal art critics. Sea lions bark, growl and spit when they don’t like your work; maybe it was me?. They can also be excellent and enthusiastic company. Besides the sea lions you are all on your own on an island like this. It’s too small, in an archipelago of small islands, for anyone to venture. It is very dry featuring the most amazing fauna and wild flowers. They say these islands are more typical of California then the pacific north west. ps.The night before we were visited by a young Gray Whale close to our beach. {pics below) There seem to be more wild life around with this isolation thing or perhaps I’m home to see it!

Brent SW boat 2IMG_6886 IMG_6919 IMG_6910 IMG_6883Winchelsea Bluffpurple flower lion portrait Seal portrait bulls sunset Brent sunset

IMG_6803 IMG_6806 IMG_6794


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