I just completed this large canvas entitled ‘Madre’; an ode to the Mexican Baja. The oceans, deserts and mountains down here always confront me with mystery and wonder. (very different from the north west)  The history of the most prominent icon in Mexico ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’ or as the natives call her ‘Tecuatlanopeuh’ (she whose origins were in a rocky summit) is a great read (google) It may help explain my madness. The image of ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’Read more

A Few Days On the East Cape, BCS

I went out to East Cape to see my friends Brent and Betty Heighton the other night and was impressed at the minimal beauty of the area. I really never spent much time out that way. Along with Jon Einersson, we drove out to Zakatitos, told bigger than life stories over dinner, margaritas and watched a fine sunset. The next day I just had to drive out there again and even further around to Cabo Pulmo and painted these pleinRead more