‘Old Casa’ Dec. 17th, 2012

For the last 20 years or so I’ve made an annual pilgrimage to my favorite old casa ruins. They are located in a small mining town high on the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains. Every passing season I have witness the erosion and decay of these beauties. I will not be surprised but sad when they fall to the elements…..and they will. To me they represent the history and character of the region and I cannot leave them alone. TheRead more

Back In The Saddle

First few days back from Cabo and I found myself at ‘The Old School House’ (Qualicum) Friday morning ‘Life Drawing Session’. I haven’t been for awhile so it was good to do something for art’s sake. I do miss it, life drawing being the perfect compliment to painting. If the weather is thick as it was today just get to your local group drawing sessions or the next best thing; draw your loved ones…they work cheap. below; french chalk onRead more

A Dark Night

I just arrived home to the snow. I was away in Los Cabo delivering some paintings for the up and coming tourist season. I justify the trip because of the current high cost of shipping art as it can be as much as an airline ticket. It isn’t true of course but courier cost are high enough for the excuse to work for me. I had a mini-show at the Ida Victoria Gallery last Thursday night but it was theRead more