Painters @ Painters 2013

Every May long weekend for the last 19 years prominent artists have gathered together at Painters Lodge. To become one of the members there is a process where you must apply and then be ‘voted in’ by the core group. There are unfortunately, member artists that have passed on in the last 20 years and they are the ‘who’s who in the zoo’ of BC art. Each year a new artist is chosen to balance the attrition. One way orRead more


Years ago, I dreamt about a jet black raven the evening we discovered the petroglyths on the sandstone beaches of Hornby island. My young family and I spent our summers on that island. It was a wonderful time for the Lynch tribe. A time full of possibility, freedom and growth. Hornby island is as exotic a place as I have ever experienced. Nobody truly understands the purpose and meaning of the 500 plus year old etched symbols and marks. PossiblyRead more

‘Myra Falls’ Strathcona Park, BC Canada

Knowing that I love rocks and water, a repeating subject of my work, a friend of mine mentioned a series of falls in Strathcona Provincial Park. We finally made our way up there last summer and I was not disappointed. Myra Falls is arguably the most magical landscape on the island; a bold statement to make on the island of magical landscapes. The Pocahontas falls undulate down three or four levels into Buttle Lake. They are a short walk inRead more