Ballet and Painting

In the late 1980’s and throughout the 90’s I created artistic event posters for Ballet BC, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet and other professional dance companies. Back in 2004 Ballet BC commissioned artwork for an original production of Tennessee William’s ‘A Street Car Named Desire’  The paintings were published as collectable art event posters and the originals were purchased by patrons. This was the first Canadian original dance production created for classical ballet in a long while. I chose two scenes from the dress rehearsal that I felt, captured the subtlety and in contrast, the graphic power of the choreography.  I always use a commission to explore the subject matter on my own terms. The result was a series of life studies and paintings during rehearsals that became a solo show at the Arron Ross Gallery, Vancouver in 2005.


SCNDesire 1

‘A Street Car Named Desire’ No. 1   commissioned by Ballet BC  oil on canvas 30 X 48  in. oil on canvas.

c-SCNDesire-red l-res

‘A Street Car Named Desire’ No. 2   commissioned by Ballet BC  oil on canvas 30 X 48  in. oil on canvas.


Dance studio 40 min. study; Ballet BC   16 X 20 in. oil on prepared board.

Oil on prepared board 16 X 20 in. Dance studio 20 min. study; Ballet BC

Dancer at Rest

‘Nadine’ oil on canvas 24 X 36 in. , studio extended life study.

 watercolor and gouache on Bristol paper…Dance Studio life study 20 min study


‘Sweatshirt’  16 X 20 in. oil on prepared board. Life study at Ballet BC rehearsals.

‘Zero Hour’  Ballet BC Dance Company – oil on prepared board, dance studio study.

20 X 16 in. oil on prepared board Ballet BC dance studio;  life study 

‘Zero Hour’ a Ballet BC original production by Barry Ingam…original artwork oil on canvas 30 X 48 in. 1990








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