Plein Air and Life Drawings

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Plein Air and Life Drawing:

“En plein air” is a French phrase meaning “in the open air” and has come to be known today as outdoor painting on location. Artists have long painted outside but in the mid-1800’s, working in natural light and direct observation of the subject matter became much more important in contemporary art. The advent of paint tubes and portable paint boxes allowed the practice to become very popular and desirable.

Brent’s studio work begins with sketches and oil studies done on location in the outdoors. During his many painting trips throughout the land near and far, you’ll find him towing his paint box ready for that power moment.

He shares his love of nature by capturing its rugged and at times, gentle beauty with liberal paint application, dramatic brushstrokes and powerful compositions. “ It’s the direct observation of nature that attracts me in field work. There’s no better way to sense the spirit of things than to experience them first hand.”

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